[Techtalk] Any MySQL-less CMS Recommendations?

Terry tech at futurecourse.com
Sat Feb 15 14:33:04 UTC 2014

Sorry folks, my reply to Sheila didn't get to the list.

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for the response.

On 14/02/2014 10:26, Sheila Fenelon wrote:
> In the "type it and press save" category is Concrete5
> http://www.concrete5.org/
> It also does "drag it around on the screen" - lots of JavaScript.
> However, it uses MySQL. Sorry I have no recommendations for something without a
> database. Coding a CMS with a database seems so much easier and less error prone than
> working with files.
> If you're set on no DB then you might want to look for something written in Perl,
> something like Big Medium, which is no longer available.
> My main site has used Concrete5 for a very long time and I'm trying get it moved to
> Drupal.
> Sheila

I'm not adverse to using a DB, but I was looking for something less 
resource intensive than MySQL considering my small VPS. I found one that 
uses MongoDB and several that use SQLite.  I guess what I really need is 
something that has less "features" out of the box. I'll never run a 
forum, have users, comments, need complex taxonomies, etc.


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