[Techtalk] Any MySQL-less CMS Recommendations?

Sheila Fenelon sheila at shefen.com
Fri Feb 14 18:26:10 UTC 2014

Terry wrote:
> The only thing hampering my move to just putting the pages up there with
> plain old html/css is that one site is for my significant other, who
> needs a "type it in and press save" solution.

In the "type it and press save" category is Concrete5
It also does "drag it around on the screen" - lots of JavaScript.

However, it uses MySQL. Sorry I have no recommendations for something without a
database. Coding a CMS with a database seems so much easier and less error prone than
working with files.

If you're set on no DB then you might want to look for something written in Perl,
something like Big Medium, which is no longer available.

My main site has used Concrete5 for a very long time and I'm trying get it moved to


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