[Techtalk] Any MySQL-less CMS Recommendations?

Terry tech at futurecourse.com
Fri Feb 14 16:50:25 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

In my continuing saga of moving to a new server, I'm in the process of 
evaluating my websites.  I currently use Drupal, something I learned way 
back when I was working for a charity.  So I continued to use it for my 
personal sites because it was, well, just easier than learning something 
else since I didn't have the time.  But in looking at everything, I use 
almost none of the Drupal features so I'm questioning the need to run 
and maintain it along with running and maintaining MySQL, not to mention 
using up server resources.  It's overkill.

The only thing hampering my move to just putting the pages up there with 
plain old html/css is that one site is for my significant other, who 
needs a "type it in and press save" solution.

I've done some googling for the past two days and that hasn't gotten me 
any closer to a decision. Anyone have any recommendations I can do some 
more research on?



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