[Techtalk] disk labels and external drives

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 00:59:42 UTC 2010

Hey there,

Miriam English wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion, even though it didn't work. :(

Aw, sorry about that!

> I kinda expected it wouldn't because /media is just another place
> to mount stuff. Ubuntu, and I think Debian, have begun using this
> for USB devices, but mine (Puppy) doesn't, by default. Nevertheless
> I gave it a shot, just in case there was something weird I didn't
> know about.
> Hang on... your reply has caused me to think about other, larger 
> distributions. I have encountered weirdness in Puppy before due to
> the fact that a lot of effort has gone into cutting it down to the
> bare minimum. I just took a closer look at Puppy's "mount". By
> default it seems it uses "busybox". I've had trouble with this
> program before. It is a multi-purpose binary, containing many
> different commands. Unfortunately in order to cram so much into a
> tiny program it omits a lot of extra functionality. Busybox's mount
> doesn't recognise labels! Mystery solved. Puppy also includes the
> full version of mount (why doesn't it use that I wonder?). When I
> try mounting with "mount-FULL" I can mount external drives using
> labels.
> Woo hoo!

Awesome, glad to hear it!
> Thanks Little Girl for jogging my thoughts.

LOL, I think you had this one all on your own! I never would have
thought of checking whether labels were supported by Busybox. It sure
is a good thing you're so determined in your research. (:

Little Girl

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