[Techtalk] disk labels and external drives

john.sturdy at ul.ie john.sturdy at ul.ie
Wed Jun 30 08:28:58 UTC 2010

Miriam English writes:
 > Hi LittleGirl,
 > Thanks for the suggestion, even though it didn't work. :(
 > I kinda expected it wouldn't because /media is just another place to 
 > mount stuff. Ubuntu, and I think Debian, have begun using this for USB 
 > devices, but mine (Puppy) doesn't, by default. Nevertheless I gave it a 
 > shot, just in case there was something weird I didn't know about.

I think it may be Gnome that does this, rather than Debian itself; I
use Debian, and I usually use Ratpoison (a non-desktop window manager)
and it doesn't mount USB drives automatically; occasionally I select
Gnome at login time (e.g. if I'm using GIMP, which is a poor fit with
Ratpoison) and when I'm using that, it does mount USB drives
automatically when I plug them in.  However, when it does so, it
respects the mount I've set up in /etc/fstab:

/dev/sdf1       /mnt/usbmem     ext2    user,noauto     0       0

and they appear in /mnt/usbmem (that is, for the first one I plug in
at the same time; if I put two drives in together, I think the second
one is mounted in /media.).


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