[Techtalk] Fedora 13 woes

jns at redhat.com jns at redhat.com
Wed Jun 2 14:34:40 UTC 2010

----- "Kathryn Marks" <kathryn.linux at gmail.com> wrote:
> As far as system specs, it's an Intel Core2Quad on an ASRock mobo.  It
> was
> built for me at a mom and pop type place here in Korea.

What is the CPU model?  You can just 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' and we can see if it supports 64-bit.  That'd be the first thing I would look at.  I guess the more obvious question is, are you using 64-bit now with F10?  Just type 'uname -m' to check for x86_64.  I'm assuming you just got the wrong arch, so my apologies if you already took that into account.

The power thing has me thinking it's not a video driver issue; also are you getting to the Fedora installation splash screen?  I'm a bit unfamiliar with live cds, sorry.  Can you boot from a regular install ISO, just as a test?


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