[Techtalk] initrd woes

Maria McKinley maria at shadlen.org
Fri Jan 23 23:05:34 UTC 2009

It is an nfs mount, and that is where sbin is mounted at that point. Not 
sure how or when it is moved to /. This is the last command that the 
initrd script gives, so I guess init is suppose to take care of moving 
/root. Init is a binary, and I haven't figured out how to troubleshoot 
it yet, so I don't know if it is failing before it gets started or what. 
The fail message I get on the console is:

run-init: /sbin/init: No such file or directory
[    11.607804] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

Which would lead me to believe it is the exec run-init that fails rather 
than init itself, but I am finding error messages are often misleading...


Ricardo Dalceno wrote:
> Maria,
>  > exec run-init /root /sbin/init </root/dev/console >/root/dev/console
> ???
> Why '/root' and not '/' ??
> 2009/1/23 Maria McKinley <maria at shadlen.org <mailto:maria at shadlen.org>>
>     Conor Daly wrote:
>      > On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 10:54:39PM -0800 or thereabouts, Maria
>     McKinley wrote:
>      >> Okay, slightly different tact. Does anyone have a suggestion for a
>      >> mailing list that is not completely brutal, but may have someone
>      >> willing/able to answer my question about initrd?
>      >
>      > ilug at linux.ie <mailto:ilug at linux.ie> is a pretty knowledgeable
>     and well-behaved list in my
>      > experience.   Not sure who has initrd experience on there though.
>      >
>      > Conor
>     I figured out the master script for initrd, and exactly where it is
>     failing. The command that is failing is this:
>     exec run-init ${rootmnt} ${init} "$@" <${rootmnt}/dev/console
>      >${rootmnt}/dev/console
>     which translates to:
>     exec run-init /root /sbin/init </root/dev/console >/root/dev/console
>     I stuck in some echo statements and verified that /root/sbin/init and
>     /root/dev/console both exist, and if I change the options of exec
>     run-init I can get it to complain about incorrect syntax, so it seems to
>     be able to find the command okay. Not sure what this is suppose to do
>     exactly, or how. Does anyone know anything about exec run-init?
>     thanks,
>     maira
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