[Techtalk] initrd woes

Ricardo Dalceno rddalceno at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 22:35:20 UTC 2009


The problem is not on 'initrd' it self but on root filesystem. Seems to me
that it is not mounting at boot time.
Well.. AFAIK, your tftp server is running AND your dhcp server is running
The dhcp is will give your client-machine an ip address  and will point a
file for disk-less booting.
this file must have the kernel and a initrd (initial ram-disk) image.
Inside this initrd, it must have a litle filesystem that will be used as
root during the boot sequence.
It must have the init, nfs libs and tools, the portmapper (used by nfs), a
dhcp client, udev and a fstab.
your fstab MUST have these filesystems listed :
- /proc
- /sys
- / (pointing to your nfs server)
 + anything else you want

You can find more information about this at the linux from scratch project (
http://www.linuxfromscratch.org ), linux terminal server project (
http://www.ltsp.org ) or here:

I hope you can have fun with all of these things and get your system up and
running soon.

Ricardo 'j0k3r' Dalceno

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