[Techtalk] Dealing with allegedly respectable company who send spam

Kathryn Hogg kjh at flyballdogs.com
Tue Dec 1 13:10:57 UTC 2009

Miriam English wrote:
> I have my own domain name (miriam-english.org) and thus an infinite
> number of email addresses. What I do is when I sign up for some list or
> group I am a little suspicious of, I don't give them my normal email
> address, I give them one that describes them. For example if a company
> named xyz wanted me to give them my email address and I wasn't sure they
> were reliable I give them "xyz at miriam-english.org". It will still get to
> me through the catch-all on my account, but is easy to filter out. And
> if I start getting spam to that address I instantly know exactly who to
> blame.

You can do that using the +mailbox syntax

user+mailbox at mydomain.com

These addresses will actually be delivered to user at mydomain.com but you
can do whatever you want on user+mailbox at mydomain.com like have procmail
stuff them into a folder.

I use that when I have to register at a site.  Of course, some people have
really bad email address checks and insist that is not a valid email

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