[Techtalk] Asus EeePC

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Mon Jun 23 03:46:34 UTC 2008

Kathryn Andersen wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 09:26:33PM -0500, Billie Walsh wrote:
>> How does the Eeebuntu work on the Eee? I've seen some chatter about 
>> things not working after the install.
> Well, there's eeebuntu, and there's eeeXubuntu, and I haven't used the
> former.

Hmm, didn't realize we were talking about two different things.

> When I installed eeeXubuntu, it was based on 7.10 Xubuntu, and it worked
> fine.  Someone in that group even made a patched kernel which fixed some
> issues with the SD card and suspend.
> However, I didn't want to stay at 7.10 when 8.04 came out, so I
> upgraded, and ended up having a couple of problems:
> 1) the wireless only works if you download and build the latest madwifi
>   drivers (and one has to re-do this every time you upgrade the kernel)

That seems odd. My only experience with wireless has been on my two 
other, full size, laptops. One uses an Atheros PCMCIA card and the other 
is a built in Intel card. Madwifi was always just available. No 
compiling necessary. That could be a difference in distros but I 
wouldn't expect it between EeeXubuntu and Kubuntu. I would think they 
used pretty much the same repositories.

> 2) the problem with the SD card + suspend came back, and I didn't want to
>   patch the kernel myself.
> However, I did manage, after googling, to come up with a compromise for
> point #2, by adding the following option to my grub config:
> usbcore.autosuspend=1
> What this does is that every time you suspend, it unmounts the SD card.
> This means that you have to re-mount it when you come back from suspend,
> but that's a lot better than the state it would get into before, when it
> was neither mounted nor unmounted and one would have to reboot in order
> to get it into a usable state.
> So, those two things are niggly things, but I'm willing to put up with
> them.  And the second one isn't an issue unless one wishes to keep an SD
> card in the machine all the time as extra "disk" space.
> Kathryn Andersen

Keeping in the 8gig SD card for me seems like a "have-to-have". The 
original 4gig "drive" is pretty much full. I would like to move "Home" 
there if it's possible.

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