[Techtalk] Lilo error message

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Wed Jul 30 21:38:48 UTC 2008

Hi, Michelle,

I have been sleeping on this one, read below.

On Thu, 3 Jul 2008 21:52:04 +0200
Michelle wrote:

|> Hello Anne,
|> Am 2008-07-02 22:37:32, schrieb Anne Wainwright:
|> > Hi, again,  :)
|> Mee toooooooooooooo...........
|> > On an old dosbox I have dual boot linux. my very first! I use it to boot
|> > into linux to connect to the network so I can move some files over.
|> > Debian potatoe version, terminal only, no GUI.
|>          Potato
|>          Pomme de Terre
|>          Erdapfel
|>          Kartoffel

|> > I made a small change to the liloconf file (to put up a message at boot
|> > time). I then ran lilo as proper after any changes and got the
|> > message:
|> So you have set 
|> install=menu

actually it says


stranger and stranger, the item that i changed (added) was

message=1 for linux or 3 for dos

(idea was to give a prompt for the clueless slave working on that machine under Dos)
(idea was to give a prompt without touching anything)

and when I push Tab I get

Dos   1        Linux   3

odd because the options are most definitely set the other way around, 3 for Dos and 1 for Linux, I use it often enough to know that without even looking. I made a list of all the  uncommented settings

message=1 for Linux ....... as above

and of course the option Dos and Linux loading sections. Really, none of this has been touched that I am aware of, only the message was added. Just thought, I'll take the line out and report back, sensible thing to do.


|> Behhhh, - Anne, this works only in Woody and  higher.  For  "Slink"  and
|> "Potato" you must use the full path like:
|> install=/boot/menu
|> > Fatal: open 1: No such file or directory
|> Lilo from Potato require the path.   :-)
|> ----[ manpage 'lilo.conf' ]---------------------------------------------
|> LILO.CONF(5)                                              LILO.CONF(5)
|>        lilo.conf - configuration file for lilo
|> <snip>
|>        install=<user-interface>
|>               Selects the user interface which will be  seen  at  boot
|>               time.   One of the following three options may be speci-
|>               fied:  text, menu, or bmp. The traditional  LILO  inter-
|>               face  is  'text';  but 'menu' is now the default, unless
|>               the configurtion file contains the 'bitmap='  specifica-
|>               tion.   The  text  interface  is strictly a command-line
|>               interface as though the console were  a  dumb  terminal.
|>               The  menu  interface  is a text-based screen of the boot
|>               choices, with the option  to  enter  additional  command
|>               line  parameters.   And the bmp interface is a menu pre-
|>               sented against a graphic screen, specified as a  640x480
|>               BitMaP  file  of  16  or 256 colors.  (See the 'lilo -E'
|>               switch for editing options).
|>               (Prior to LILO version 22.3,  'install='  specified  the
|>               user interface as a file in the '/boot' directory.)
|> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
|> And since you are using Potato with an outdated LILO  version  prior  to
|> 22.3...
|> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
|>     Michelle Konzack
|>     Systemadministrator
|>     24V Electronic Engineer
|>     Tamay Dogan Network
|>     Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

so much to do, so little time :(

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