[Techtalk] email via memory stick?

Mike Robinson mrobinson at evault.com
Fri Jan 4 22:54:20 UTC 2008

http://lukeplant.me.uk/blog.php?id=1107301650 seems to have a solution that does what 
you're looking to do.

And there's this: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Offline-Mailing.html, which looks like it may be 
helpful, but less so than the first link.

for reference I googled for: email sending from offline linux


Ian Balchin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have put Slackware 10 with Gnome on an oldish box for a friend. 
> They live 50 miles up a 100 mile dirt road with no internet 
> connection.
> How can they do email? I am thinking that the emails are stored on a 
> flash stick which they then bring to me and we plug it into my 
> computer and send them off.
> They have to have something very simple to do at their end as they 
> cannot cope with technicalities. (Trust me, it they still struggle 
> with yahoo email after years).
> On my office box I have Mercury Mailserver (a Win thing, with Pegasus 
> Mail). I note that each email generates 2 files which are stored in a 
> Queue folder before being whisked off by the smtp module. Would  this 
> be in a standard format? ie, when any email client has done and if 
> the email is queued for later delivery, is the format by then 
> standardised.
> If so we could copy her pairs of files into my Queue and off they 
> would go?
> On the other hand maybe we need a matching smtp utility on the 
> flashstick, but don't see how this is going to work as we are not 
> running on the same platform.
> Any bright ideas welcome.
> Thanks
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