[Techtalk] cyrus, postfix, debian, authentication, frustration

maria at shadlen.org maria at shadlen.org
Fri Jan 4 05:52:20 UTC 2008

> Hey all,
> I have been switching over to a new mail server, and I have many pieces
> working. Mail is coming, being checked for spam, and users can check mail
> using squirrel mail. What is not working is pine and other mail clients.
> It appears that the server is not listening over port 993, and I have no
> idea why.
> 22/tcp   open  ssh
> 25/tcp   open  smtp
> 53/tcp   open  domain
> 80/tcp   open  http
> 110/tcp  open  pop3
> 111/tcp  open  rpcbind
> 113/tcp  open  auth
> 119/tcp  open  nntp
> 143/tcp  open  imap
> 443/tcp  open  https
> 783/tcp  open  spamassassin
> 953/tcp  open  rndc
> 2000/tcp open  callbook
> 9102/tcp open  jetdirect
> It is listed in /etc/services. I just have no idea if this is a problem
> with opening the port, a config problem for cyrus, a certificate problem,
> or some sasl layer thing. Any ideas on how best to go about
> troubleshooting from here, would be very greatly appreciated.
> cheers,
> maria

By re-doing my certificates, I was able to get pine to work, although it
does act a little curiously, wanting me to give my 'maria at smpt's' password
while giving me information about the certificate at the same time. I
input my password and then it goes on to the normal login, where I input
my password again, and then I can check my mail. I think I don't really
care about this, at least for now, but it does seem to imply that the
problem with the port is a separate problem from the apparent(ly now
fixed) certificates problem.

Still looking for troubleshooting ideas to figure out the listening on
port 993 problem.


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