[Techtalk] redirect php 404 errors

Maria McKinley maria at shadlen.org
Wed Oct 24 00:40:36 UTC 2007


I have set up my web site, so that if someone clicks on a link, and the 
link is bad, I am sent an email. This has worked very well, and I have 
found out about a lot of bad links, but recently my inbox is 
occasionally flooded with weird messages of links that are bad. The 
email states that the originating page, where the bad links supposedly 
is, is a page that I took down a long time ago, and if I put the url in 
a browser, I get a 404 message. So, how can this be directing them to a 
bad link? It always seems to be one particular page or group of pages, 
but there are tons of pages I have removed recently, so I am wondering 
if there is something special about these pages. Anybody have any idea 
what may be going on? The fact that I am being flooded does lead me to 
believe it is being caused by bots searching my site, but I don't get 
why they think these pages still exist, and can link to other pages.


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