[Techtalk] ISP that will allow home servers in Canada (Vancouver)?

Raven Alder raven at oneeyedcrow.net
Tue Oct 23 21:07:09 UTC 2007

Hi, Lu --

* Lucia Sanchez <lu at gusilu.net> [2007-10-23 13:43:28 -0700]:
> I don't know which provider will best fit my needs, as they do not have 
> the full technical characteristics of what they offer online, and when 
> calling they get confused that I am not a busness but an individual and 
> need these things, often not even giving me complete answers.

	I don't have current Vancouver-specific knowledge, but if you
can't find what you're looking for as a residential line, you might want
to consider looking into their business packages.  I have similar needs 
to yours, and I had to get a business line to get them addressed.  The
"business" name is just my name, but hey, it works.  Many of the
providers that I've dealt with in North America are unwilling to let
their users host servers, particularly mail servers due to the spam
problems.  I know in the US, most people with this set of needs go
through Speakeasy, but last I checked (~3 years ago) they didn't serve
Vancouver.  Hopefully some enterprising Canadian chix will have better
recommendations for you, but in case there aren't other good options,
you may want to consider a businesss line.

	Best of luck!



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