[Techtalk] ISP that will allow home servers in Canada (Vancouver)?

Lucia Sanchez lu at gusilu.net
Tue Oct 23 20:43:28 UTC 2007


I've just moved to Vancouver, and I am agonizing over getting an 
Internet connection, so I wanted to ask for some help.  If this is not 
the correct list, just point me out to the right one.

I don't know which provider will best fit my needs, as they do not have 
the full technical characteristics of what they offer online, and when 
calling they get confused that I am not a busness but an individual and 
need these things, often not even giving me complete answers.

The ideal thing would be an ISP that places no restrictions on TCP port 
access, has a decent upload, and no data transfer limits.  Does this 
exist in Vancouver??

The thing is, I want to set up a home server (mainly mail, web, and 
remote SSH).  So from what I can figure out, I will need access to the 
following TCP ports:
- Incoming connections to: 25 (SMTP),993 (IMAP over SSL), 22 (SSH), and 
maybe 465 (SMTP over SSL)
- Outgoing connections to: 25 (SMTP), plus the usual ones

And of course a decent upload speed (500k or more), and not too 
restrictive data transfer limits if there are any.

It would also be desirable to have a fixed IP (even paying a little 
extra i it's not too much), though not necessary.

So ...... any suggestions?

Also, if anyone had any information about hosting companies that just 
allow you to place your own machine, give you remote SSH access to it, 
and only take care of stuff like the network connection and electricity, 
that would be great.


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