[Techtalk] raid array

Maria McKinley maria at shadlen.org
Wed Aug 1 22:27:36 UTC 2007

Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
> Maria McKinley wrote:
>> Thanks. That is what I was afraid of.
>> It is an Adaptec 2120S. I can't get their linux management stuff to 
>> work, I think because it is set up to work on i386, and I have AMD 64. 
>> I was hoping maybe I could use something else, because it has been 
>> such a nightmare trying to find the right stuff from them and getting 
>> it installed/working. This had been set up by someone else a long time 
>> ago, and they never set up any monitoring, so we had 2 disks go out 
>> before we knew what happenned. Kaboom. Now the raid array is fixed, 
>> and I am trying to get software running that will actually tell me 
>> when drives are failing. Unfortunately, of course, the time is up for 
>> free support.
> Ugh indeed... Its indeed a HW Raid card. One thing that surprises me, is 
> that two disks could go to bit heaving with no warning. On all RAID 
> cards i've encountered, there is a beeper. That beeper is rather noisy 
> when things fail. It is actually one of the reasons why i prefer HW raid 
> for a number of purposes. If i am not in the near, somebody will come 
> complaining about the noise and ask what to do. Iris is combined wiht 
> hotswap enclosure, it will also signal which disk has failed. So it 
> seems that whoever set it up also disabled the alarm. Need i give my 
> opinion of that person ? ;-)
> If you go into the BIOS of the card, i expect you to find an alarm 
> option somewhere. Would be good to enable :-)
> You may already have tried, the following link also contains a linux x64 
> storage manager.
> http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/downloads/storage_manager/sm?productId=ASR-2120S&dn=Adaptec+SCSI+RAID+2120S 

I think when he was trying to get the array working the alarm kept going 
off, and it was very annoying, so yes, he shut it off, and obviously 
never turned it back on. I'll make sure it is on, but would still be 
nice to do stuff without having to reboot the bloody machine. :-) Btw, 
what does "Iris is combined with hotswap enclosure" mean?

I downloaded the storage manager, which is some web based thing, but 
found this blog
which explains which utility is the command line one.

But when I try to use it I get a segmentation fault. Of course.


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