[Techtalk] mailing lists

MK Hayes mk_hayes at charter.net
Mon Apr 30 14:35:02 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I need to get mailing lists up and functional for my camera club on our
shared host.  I was hoping to just use Mailman, but if the list has over
100 subscribers, the web host won't allow it. (We're currently 105.)
They recommend Dada Mail, but getting that to do what I need doesn't
look easy. 

What I need:

1) Announce-only and discussion lists.
2) Interaction with standard email programs, and receive mail from a
cron job.
3) Ability to handle text and html mail. (Much as I'd like to, getting
the members to Not send html mail is impossible.)
4) Throttling capabilities to keep my host happy.
5) Ability to run from user space. 

Dada Mail says it does 1 and 2, but then when you go to the extension,
it says it's experimental, difficult to set up and may not work at all.
The instructions for it say I need root access to make it work.  NOT
going to happen on a hosted account. Most of the documentation on the
Dada Mail website goes from step-wise set up for a standard install (not
bad) to almost man page style stuff (not so good for me.) There's stuff
in the latter about SQL interaction, but the setup never told me to
create a database for it.  What?

So I guess what I need is either really good documentation for Dada
Mail, or an alternative that has decent documentation.  

Is what I'm looking for even out there, or do we need to leave our lists
on Yahoo?  (Ughh.)  


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