[Techtalk] PDF to txt

RobertWichert robert at wichert.org
Thu Mar 30 00:56:27 EST 2006

In Windows, you can view the file in Acrobat Reader, select the text
with either <edit> <select all> or the TextSelectTool, choose <edit>
<copy> or <ctrl+c> and then go to a text program like notepad or word
and choose <edit> <paste> or <ctrl+v> and the text will be there.

This only works if the text in the pdf file is actually text, with a
font, not totally graphics/bitmap based.  Like it won't convert the
Coca-Cola logo to "coca cola".

I have no idea if this helps in Linux, but if you have Acrobat viewer in
Linux, it should work.

Robert Wichert


Noir wrote:
> I been trying to convert PDF file to plaintext.
> $pdf2ps filename.pdf output.ps
> $ps2ascii filename.ps output.txt
> Output: txt file.
> But the problem is there's nothing inside the file. It's all garbage like
> lots of @@@@.
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