[Techtalk] PDF to txt

Laurel Fan laurel.fan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 02:24:26 EST 2006

> Noir wrote:
> >
> > I been trying to convert PDF file to plaintext.
> >
> > $pdf2ps filename.pdf output.ps
> > $ps2ascii filename.ps output.txt
> > Output: txt file.
> >
> > But the problem is there's nothing inside the file. It's all garbage like
> > lots of @@@@.

(replying to a reply since I don't seem to have the original)

xpdf comes with a pdftotext utility (as well as a pdftops that might
be different from what you have).  Have you tried that?

xpdf page:

README file (which describes pdftotext)

Laurel Fan

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