[Techtalk] installing DBI without the Database

Meryll Larkin alwanza at oz.net
Wed Mar 8 04:20:05 EST 2006


Thanks Devdas,

I understood most of that.   I read the READMEs before I ever wrote to the
list and I also downloaded the sdk (software dev kits) from 
which is what those URLs point to.  They are VERY large files.

Still, I appreciate you quoting the READMEs because putting them in position
like that made the situation more obvious to me.

I ran into an error message when trying to install sdk that said that I
don't have enough space to install????  Obviously I need to investigate
that:  check the config file.  More likely I don't have enough room on the
particular partition in which it is trying to install.  

I don't know if the RDBMS listens on an IP address.  That may very well be
my problem.  Do you have any suggestions about how I could find out?  Or can
you recommend some reference material that I should read?

I'm emailing your response to my work so that I have it for reference.  I
really do appreciate what you've written because you've made it clearer for
me by extracting it.

Trouble is this isn't my only project, I get so far and then I'm pushed to
something else and then I have to find my way back to where I was each time
I return to it.  I've written notes so I can get back to it but there are
long lags between each little bit of progress.


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