[Techtalk] installing DBI without the Database

Devdas Bhagat devdas at dvb.homelinux.org
Wed Mar 8 04:27:39 EST 2006

On 07/03/06 09:20 -0800, Meryll Larkin wrote:
> 3/7/06
> Thanks Devdas,
> I understood most of that.   I read the READMEs before I ever wrote to the
> list and I also downloaded the sdk (software dev kits) from 
>            http://www.ibm.com/software/data/informix
>            http://www.ibm.com/software/data/developer/informix
> which is what those URLs point to.  They are VERY large files.
> Still, I appreciate you quoting the READMEs because putting them in position
> like that made the situation more obvious to me.
Ah cool. I have gotten too used to people not reading the documentation,
so actually having someone who has RTFM'ed is refreshing.

> I ran into an error message when trying to install sdk that said that I
> don't have enough space to install????  Obviously I need to investigate
> that:  check the config file.  More likely I don't have enough room on the
> particular partition in which it is trying to install.  
Yup. The SDK probably needs some free space on that partition. You may
be able to install it elsewhere and symlink that directory so that it
becomes available in a standard location.

> I don't know if the RDBMS listens on an IP address.  That may very well be
> my problem.  Do you have any suggestions about how I could find out?  Or can
> you recommend some reference material that I should read?
netstat is your friend. For example, netstat -lnt here shows me:
tcp        0      0*		LISTEN

sudo netstat -lntpe
tcp        0      0*		LISTEN
70         56752      14263/postmaster

That is PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL is also listening on a Unix socket at
unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     56754	/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432

If I was unable to get a TCP/UDP socket for Pg, I would be able to
share /tmp via NFS and connect to the socket there.

Devdas Bhagat

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