[Techtalk] Slightly OT - x86, Dual booting Solaris 9 & Solaris 10

Bruce McPeek brucem at vidiator.com
Thu Mar 2 06:42:02 EST 2006


I have been tasked with setting up a Sun z20 (dual opteron, dual 36Gb
u320 HDs) to dual boot Solaris 10 & Solaris 9.

I imagine that one OS to a HD makes sense. Since the latest Solaris 10,
comes with GRUB by default I thought this would be simple.

I installed v10 on the SCSI 0 HD. I am now trying to install v9 on the
SCSI 1 HD but it does not seem to offer this as an option when I run the

Does anyone have knowledge of this or a link that can direct me to some
idea to look into. Googling around finds many discussions for Solaris /
windows and Solaris / Linux. I did find a discussion for a similar
install involving v8 & v9 but it doesn't speak to the problem I am
experiencing (v9 doesn't want to install to the second HD).



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