[Techtalk] Copying a file + archive to one file

Wolfgang Petzold petzold at villa-chaos.de
Fri Feb 24 09:20:26 EST 2006


Becky Brewer:
> I'm trying to copy a file plus a zip archive into
> one file (an exe), and from what I've read the cp command is not able to do
> this.   In DOS, the command I would use to perform this action is:
> copy /B myapp.exe+myzip.zip mynewapp.exe

You can use the "cat" command for con*cat*enating files. (I once
read it would be the UNIX philosophy to have a bunch of commands
each doing one simple job, but doing that well; so "cat" concatenates
files, whereas "cp" copies files.)

So, together with output redirection you could say:

cat myapp.exe myzip.zip > mynewapp.exe

I have no idea if the newly created "mynewapp.exe" would be
an executable at all. It would be the data of the two former
files concatenated byte by byte.


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