[Techtalk] sighup, kill -9, sigkill, and all those related things

agoats agoats at compuserve.com
Fri Apr 14 13:33:17 EST 2006


I don't remember all of the bits and pieces, but... -9 kills most
processes but can leave a zombie, 9 kills the zombie.

I've had times when I execute something from midnight commander only to
have something lock up. kill -9 left a zombie whereas kill 9 zaps the
zombie process.

Kin to kill is killall, which has the same issues with -9 and 9.


FYI, I set mplayer for most of the media formats in midnight commander,
so all I have to do is pick the file I want to see or listen to and hit
enter to start it. I'm kinda lazy and don't like giving the full command
and filename, particularly if the file has a really looonnnnggggg name!
But alas, this is where the crashes and zombies come from most.

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