[Techtalk] sighup, kill -9, sigkill, and all those related things

MMP - Barb Fox mmp_fox at bellsouth.net
Fri Apr 14 10:35:12 EST 2006

Like everyone has said, what the signals ACTUALLY do is up to the programmer
of the specific piece of code which are sending the kill signal.

kill -9,(ie. kill -KILL) is NOT trappable, but kill (i.e. kill -15, 
ie. kill -TERM) is.

A nice programmer will include information in their man page as to what each
signal will do. For example, do a man on xinetd and search for the word SIG
(type in /SIG) .  Go up a couple lines and read the whole section. It will tell
you each signal that is trapped by xinetd and what each will do.

- Barb Fox
mmp_fox at bellsouth.net

At 03:43 PM 04/13/06, you wrote:
>hey all,
>Is there a reference written in actual English that explains the 
>kill command?
>'man kill' is rather too terse to be useful to a noob.  I want to know what
>all the options mean, and when to use them. All these years of seeing
>mysterious references like "send a SIGHUP", well, it's time to learn what the
>silly things mean.
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