[Techtalk] Inexpensive ATA/SATA RAID?

jennyw jennyw at dangerousideas.com
Sun Jul 31 05:11:20 EST 2005

Hi, Elwing,

From: "Elwing" <elwing at elwing.org>
>I love the 3ware RAID cards - actual hardware support - as in you  really 
>don't need a separate driver for RAID unless you want to read/ rebuild 
>while the system is booting.
> They tend towards server class hardware, but I use their 7006-2  product - 
> only allows two drives per card, so I have two cards - two  mirroed 
> arrays. (their only ATA product)

I actually have the same 3Ware card in another computer, but it keeps having 
problems and shutting down. I keep meaning to find out what's going on but 
am too busy to hunt it down right now. Might be a BIOS thing ...

But it's good to know you're not having troubles at all! What driver are you 
using? And kernel? And does it make any difference which distribution? I 
thought it was a kernel thing, but some manufacturers say they only support 
certain distributions ... not sure what that means ...



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