[Techtalk] gtk versions question

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Sun Jul 17 18:42:34 EST 2005

Hi Esme!

> > Hope someone has some ideas; even a list of the gtk versions from a
> > working system would be helpful!
> Hmmnn... let's see if I can find that out.. durn, only way I can see
> is by snapshotting the screen for removing programs. There must be a
> much better way to get the version numbers and in plain text, too..
> if you can tell me how to do taht, please do! Otherwise, I could do
> snapshots of that screen and email 'em to you privately.

Ha, I fall on your neck - saviour! If you open a terminal (Konsole) and 
type in:

rpm -qa |grep gtk

and hit enter, and copy/paste the results into your reply, you will help 
me enormously!

Also, could you tell me whether, when you installed, you checked the box 
marked "Use Unicode by default" or not? (I did, and I think it's part 
of my problem.)


Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
zo jul 17 18:40:14 EST 2005
GNU/Linux 1997-2004 #283226 counter.li.org
andromeda up 1 day(s), 3 hour(s), 44 min, 32 sec
kernel 2.6.11-6mdk

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