[Techtalk] gtk versions question

esme esme at nocturnal.clara.co.uk
Sun Jul 17 17:30:06 EST 2005

On Sunday 17 Jul 2005 03:01, Patricia Fraser wrote:

> I'm having an interesting problem getting Audacity to run on my system.
> I'm using Mandriva 2005LE, a clean install; previously I had run cooker
> and then updated it, and had no problems there.

I'm running Mandriva 2005LE, too - as supplied by CheepLinux, who also 
supplied the Mini-ITX system I'm running it on. I'm not running the OS as 
supplied by CheepLinux, though - I scrubbed that and repartitioned to add usr 
and var partitions, plus two swap partitions, and a sizable unpartitioned 
area.  Other than that, and removing Shorewall to replace it with Guarddog, 
it's a bog standard installation.  And Audacity is installed by default, and 
starts up fine...
> I've tried various versions of wxgtk and wxgtk-devel, and tried various
> versions of Audacity with all of them, but I'm beginning to think that
> it's actually a mismatch between the wxgtk libraries and gtk itself.
> Has anyone got any ideas how I would go about finding the right match?

Not a clue, here, I'm afraid. You obviously know far more about the deeper 
technical stuff than I do. 

> Hope someone has some ideas; even a list of the gtk versions from a
> working system would be helpful!

Hmmnn... let's see if I can find that out.. durn, only way I can see is by 
snapshotting the screen for removing programs. There must be a much better 
way to get the version numbers and in plain text, too.. if you can tell me 
how to do taht, please do! Otherwise, I could do snapshots of that screen and 
email 'em to you privately.

> Cheers,

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