[Techtalk] Does anyone use emacs for email?

Angelina Carlton brat at magma.ca
Sun Jul 10 01:09:08 EST 2005

David Sumbler <david at aeolia.co.uk> writes:
> I think you need something like:
> (setq mail-sources
>       '((maildir :path "/home/orchid/Mail/" :subdirs ("cur" "new"))
>        (directory :path "/home/orchid/mail/")))

David thank you for your help. I have gnus pretty much set up but it was
not easy, I ended up converting my old mail to mbox format and importing
it into gnus with the nnml back end.

Then I set up splitting which seems to work so I have gotten rid of
procmail for now, and gnus just grabs my mail from the spool and sorts
it internally. 

The manual tells me that gnus will never expire my mail unless I tell it
to, but then goes on to say the default expiry is 7 days 
(I keep all my mail, and only manually delete it if its something I
don't like, spam for example) So for now just in case gnus does expire

(setq nnmail-expiry-target "nnml:expired")

So basically it is set up and seems to work quite nicely, so
thanks again!

-----Angelina Carlton-----
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     brat at magma.ca

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