[Techtalk] Does anyone use emacs for email?

David Sumbler david at aeolia.co.uk
Wed Jul 6 04:43:17 EST 2005

Angelina Carlton <brat at magma.ca> writes:

> With the new file gnus now read my inbox mail but none of the mailing
> list folders in ~/mail 
> So basically it works but I need to tell it about mailing lists?


> So I need to add some more directories for all may mailing lists but
> am not sure of the syntax

I think you need something like:

(setq mail-sources
      '((maildir :path "/home/orchid/Mail/" :subdirs ("cur" "new"))
       (directory :path "/home/orchid/mail/")))



David Sumbler

david at aeolia.co.uk

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