[Techtalk] Ideas for tech subjects for teens?

MMP - Barb Fox mmp_fox at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 11 05:30:41 EST 2005

I'm extremely interested in what you're doing and how it goes because I've 
been starting the process of figuring out how to offer linux4teens in my 
local area.  My 11 and 13 year old are great bouncing boards, but I'd love 
to know what a wider audience thinks. Here's what I was thinking:

#1: They WANT to know how to "use" the computer practically -- they want to 
know how to rip CD's, play MP3's from home computer, connect with linux to 
chat with their friends online, play games, create a webpage, play music on 
their machine, read data from a jumpdrive, use a word processor to create a 
report, use a presentation package to create a slideshow of summer 
vacation, etc.

#2: They NEED to know about computer stuff if they'll ever take official 
"computer courses" later on.  (Computer structures like loops & if/thens, 
variables, permissions, how to use text editors, how to fix things that 
don't work, etc.)

My idea I am working toward is to incent them to learn by offering carrots.

Simple Unix-type example:  TEACH them how to manage permissions.  Their 
assignment is change the permissions for several files according to YOUR 
rules. When your test script proves the permissions are as expected (and no 
more!!), it'll let them execute a game.

Another simple example: TEACH them about some structure (like a case 
structure) and then assign them to build a menu program that allows the 
user to select: "Rip a Music CD" or "Play a Music CD"

Barb Fox

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