[Techtalk] Ideas for tech subjects for teens?

Robert Wichert robert at wichert.org
Fri Feb 11 05:59:05 EST 2005

For Permissions:

Lots of CGI scripts need permissions set exactly right to run.  Bulletin
Board scripts and responder scripts are two that I remember.  There are
probably others.  How about having them install a bulletin board or
responder script on a server, and when it is done, they can use it for
its intended purpose!  Rather than an artificial game reward, they have
the reward of a properly configured bulletin board!

Robert Wichert


MMP - Barb Fox wrote:
> I'm extremely interested in what you're doing and how it goes because I've
> been starting the process of figuring out how to offer linux4teens in my
> local area.  My 11 and 13 year old are great bouncing boards, but I'd love
> to know what a wider audience thinks. Here's what I was thinking:
> #1: They WANT to know how to "use" the computer practically -- they want to
> know how to rip CD's, play MP3's from home computer, connect with linux to
> chat with their friends online, play games, create a webpage, play music on
> their machine, read data from a jumpdrive, use a word processor to create a
> report, use a presentation package to create a slideshow of summer
> vacation, etc.
> #2: They NEED to know about computer stuff if they'll ever take official
> "computer courses" later on.  (Computer structures like loops & if/thens,
> variables, permissions, how to use text editors, how to fix things that
> don't work, etc.)
> My idea I am working toward is to incent them to learn by offering carrots.
> Simple Unix-type example:  TEACH them how to manage permissions.  Their
> assignment is change the permissions for several files according to YOUR
> rules. When your test script proves the permissions are as expected (and no
> more!!), it'll let them execute a game.
> Another simple example: TEACH them about some structure (like a case
> structure) and then assign them to build a menu program that allows the
> user to select: "Rip a Music CD" or "Play a Music CD"
> Barb Fox
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