Here I go again! LOL! [Fwd: Re: [Techtalk] Bursting or bulging capacitors :o]

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Wed Oct 22 17:55:25 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 16:58, Tracey Grrl Geek wrote:

> I believe that, I hadn't seen a bulgy cap before. Kinda reminded me of
> canned tomatoes gone bad.

Ewww... saying that around suppertime (for me - 5:48pm here) :)

> Yep. :) FYI part of my vocational degree in Music Recording Technology
> included electronics assembly.

Cool! I was self-taught, starting at age 7, actually, with Radio Shack
kits. :) By the time I was able to work (can't now) I could desolder a
40-pin controller chip from a board and solder in a new one and not
destroy the board. Where I used to work - I was the only one that was
crazy enough to try such a stunt. LOL! But I done good nearly every
time. Takes patience though.

> The fans are fine, all mostly dust free & running. If heat was a problem
> in my computer room, the other 2 computers should also have problems, but
> they don't.

Probably bad capacitors were used to begin with, more than likely. I
chase the bunnies out of my system and clean the keyboard/mouse every
year. I even pull apart the power supply and clean that out and it's
fan. CAREFULLY I might add. ;)

> I think you misunderstood. The tech apparently had been unaware of the
> bad caps being distributed. She thought the problem was most likely a
> heat problem, which I disagree with.

Oh... ok. I might have mis-read or misunderstood or miscombobulated, or
something... :)

> I'm very seriously considering temp monitoring in my next case (hopefully
> in midwinter). I saw a system running the Athlon64 (drool) last night at
> Fry's that had temperature LCD displays, very nice. If I can't go the
> diplay via mobo route, I am wanting to set up hardware monitoring
> software to keep tabs on things.

Either way is the best. My eMachines didn't come with such contraptions,
but if I ever can afford to get another machine (I plan to build my
next), it'll be modded out, green, and have some kind of temp
indicators. My boyfriend wants one too (in blue) but water-cooled. I'm
not sure on the water-cooled system. They sell algea stuff for them too.
Makes me wonder if they are more trouble then what their worth - like
keeping a swimming pool or something. LOL! And, what if a hose leaks?
Might short out the machine!?!? :O

> Already drooled over those. *sigh* *envy* Not in the budget at the
> moment, unfortunately.

I hear ya. And I'm not sure on those either (as mentioned above). But
some love them. They are expensive though. And I think hard to assemble.
But they sure look neat! :) I hear that they are pretty good too, for
keeping the temperature at an acceptable level.

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