Here I go again! LOL! [Fwd: Re: [Techtalk] Bursting or bulging capacitors :o]

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Wed Oct 22 15:58:24 EST 2003

And it was said by TechChiq-->
> Sorry about this... I forgot the Reply To List thingie again. *sigh*

Done that myself :)

>> I've done some stuff in electronics (particularly electronic assembly
>> and old Tandy CoCo 3 experimentation and hacking). Generally (meaning
>> it's rare, but not impossible), electronic components don't buldge.

I believe that, I hadn't seen a bulgy cap before. Kinda reminded me of
canned tomatoes gone bad.

>> Capacitors hold electricity in them

Yep. :) FYI part of my vocational degree in Music Recording Technology
included electronics assembly.

>> Are you sure your fans are working ok? Even if they are, the computer
>> still might be in an environment where even up to 3 fans aren't quite
>> enough (meaning the area you work in would be too humid/hot, etc.)

The fans are fine, all mostly dust free & running. If heat was a problem
in my computer room, the other 2 computers should also have problems, but
they don't.

>> Anyway, I would still side with the tech at Fye... bad parts were put
>> in the system to begin with.

I think you misunderstood. The tech apparently had been unaware of the
bad caps being distributed. She thought the problem was most likely a
heat problem, which I disagree with.

>> Preferably a new one with temperature-monitoring built in

I'm very seriously considering temp monitoring in my next case (hopefully
in midwinter). I saw a system running the Athlon64 (drool) last night at
Fry's that had temperature LCD displays, very nice. If I can't go the
diplay via mobo route, I am wanting to set up hardware monitoring
software to keep tabs on things.

>> Very intersting stuff, though. :) Try looking at the water-cooled
>> outfits

Already drooled over those. *sigh* *envy* Not in the budget at the
moment, unfortunately.

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