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> On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 11:38, Tracey Grrl Geek wrote:
> > By chance I mentioned this to a co-worker who said she had heard of
> > exploding caps on motherboards before, so I did some looking. I'm sharing
> > what I found in case this happens to anyone else. Check out this article.
> > Capacitors on motherboards have been found to explode or bulge due to bad
> > electrolite mixes. This had nothing to do with heating problems.
> I've done some stuff in electronics (particularly electronic assembly
> and old Tandy CoCo 3 experimentation and hacking). Generally (meaning
> it's rare, but not impossible), electronic components don't buldge.
> Usually it would be batteries that would buldge and/or explode.
> Capacitors hold electricity in them, but it is quite possible that it
> would buldge or bust if there were say, a fire inside the unit or other
> high-heat conditions. Heat is bad on electronics. I have seen diodes
> (the thin, small glass-like orange-clear ones) literally snap in two due
> to heat and/or fire.
> Are you sure your fans are working ok? Even if they are, the computer
> still might be in an environment where even up to 3 fans aren't quite
> enough (meaning the area you work in would be too humid/hot, etc.) But,
> this only effects very OLD computers, that I know of.
> Anyway, I would still side with the tech at Fye... bad parts were put in
> the system to begin with. There's nothing that would be done about that
> except get another MB, of course. Preferably a new one with
> temperature-monitoring built in, and a case that would fit it that has
> an LED display on the front which gives you the readout of the
> computer's internal temperature. I had an old case that had such a
> readout. Forgot where I got it now, and don't have the case anymore.
> Never used the readout because the old MB didn't support such a thing.
> Very intersting stuff, though. :) Try looking at the water-cooled
> outfits (just for a bit of fascinating browsing) at
> I'm growing a wish list from there. ;)
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