[Techtalk] Looking for Modem Recommendations

TechChiq techchiq at hotpop.com
Sun Oct 12 16:58:27 EST 2003

Greetz. I'm new to this list and have a question...

I'm looking for recommendataion on an Internal PCI or external (serial port)
controller-based modem. Modems I'm looking into are Zoom 2920 Internal PCI,
US Robotics USR5610B Internal PCI or Zoom 3049 External Serial. I like Zoom
and USR because of previous good experiences with both brands. I'm on a
limited income so therefore I have to keep the cost (including shipping and
taxes) down to about $75. I'm using Pink Tie Linux 9 (Red Hat 9 clone found
at CheapBytes.com) and Win98SE on one machine (using GRUB to dual-boot). I
have a Hawking Tech (Motorola SM56) WinModem and the only way to get on the
internet right now is in WinBlowz. :( And, even at that the modem doesn't
work well (These modems LOVE to disconnect every minute or two if you run a
few apps at once). I know it's not worth the bother to get it going in Linux
(I tried). I been wanting a new modem anyway so I'm shopping around for a
good one I can use in either OS.

Eventually, I want to migrate to Linux entirely, if I can get my Acer
ScanPrisa 600U (USB) flatbed scanner and Fuji FinePix 1400 Zoom USB digital
camera working, and get Paint Shop Pro 8 working WINE (I have info on that
somewhere where someone got that working. I have yet to try it yet).

Anyhoo... Any recommendations for a new modem is appreciated.

Pink Tie 9 (RH9 clone from CheapBytes)
Kernel 2.4.x
Win98SE (dual-boot)

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