[Techtalk] KMail still bugging me

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Sun Oct 12 18:31:09 EST 2003

On Sunday 12 October 2003 4:19 am, Doc Nielsen wrote:
> > Can you please provide some details. Which version KMail, which
> > distro etc etc
> >
> > I have a solution, but its distro dependent.
> >
> > Hamster
> KMail 1.5.2 (Using KDE 3.1.3)
> I've thought about compiling 3.1.4, but only if i dont find an answer to
> this. if this doesnt work out, im going to evolution instead.
> - Doc

>Robyn gave the correct answer. Check permissions, make sure the executable 
>is set, and check the path to the executable.  I tried it with every browser 
>on my system, and all of them worked. I have Kmail 1.5.3, and the way to 
>select the default web browser has been the same for several editions of 

Wow, forget what I said- now it's doing what you said. Weird, something 
changed. Stay tuned...

Carla Schroder
this message brought to you
by Libranet 2.8 and Kmail

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