[Techtalk] Looking for Modem Recommendations

Robyn Manning rmanning at adam.com.au
Mon Oct 13 20:02:21 EST 2003


Most modem recommendations with Linux are for external modems. This is
because most internal modems are winmodems. You could check out your
choice of internal modem at www.linmodems.org there are some
compatability lists somewhere. Lucent and Connexant Chipsets have some
success in Linux on internal modems.

As far as USB devices are concerned you should check out

Google is also your friend as it searches lots of mailing lists etc.
Enter your devices details along with linux and then search. See what
you come up with, some of it may be experimental and some may be
working. As far as experimental goes the risk is yours, I tried an
experimental drivers for my USB card reader. It only involved 1 file to
be changed from my normal installation and I just made a backup of it
replaced it with the experimental one and my card reader worked
perfectly. I wrote to the developer with my info and have helped out a
couple of people since with similar hardware.



On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 06:28, TechChiq wrote:
> Greetz. I'm new to this list and have a question...
> I'm looking for recommendataion on an Internal PCI or external (serial port)
> controller-based modem. Modems I'm looking into are Zoom 2920 Internal PCI,
> US Robotics USR5610B Internal PCI or Zoom 3049 External Serial. I like Zoom
> and USR because of previous good experiences with both brands. I'm on a
> limited income so therefore I have to keep the cost (including shipping and
> taxes) down to about $75. I'm using Pink Tie Linux 9 (Red Hat 9 clone found
> at CheapBytes.com) and Win98SE on one machine (using GRUB to dual-boot). I
> have a Hawking Tech (Motorola SM56) WinModem and the only way to get on the
> internet right now is in WinBlowz. :( And, even at that the modem doesn't
> work well (These modems LOVE to disconnect every minute or two if you run a
> few apps at once). I know it's not worth the bother to get it going in Linux
> (I tried). I been wanting a new modem anyway so I'm shopping around for a
> good one I can use in either OS.
> Eventually, I want to migrate to Linux entirely, if I can get my Acer
> ScanPrisa 600U (USB) flatbed scanner and Fuji FinePix 1400 Zoom USB digital
> camera working, and get Paint Shop Pro 8 working WINE (I have info on that
> somewhere where someone got that working. I have yet to try it yet).
> Anyhoo... Any recommendations for a new modem is appreciated.
> TechChiq
> Pink Tie 9 (RH9 clone from CheapBytes)
> Kernel 2.4.x
> Win98SE (dual-boot)
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