[Techtalk] Syslinux/Lilo boot floppies...

Stratis Aftousmis stratus at ccsi.com
Sun Oct 5 09:58:58 EST 2003

> Hi ya'll,
> I recently set up Slackware 8.1 and initially used the syslinux bootdisk
> floppy to keep the 8.1 system seperate from the 7.1 main system I've
> been running.
> I found that I was NOT able to use my IDE CDRW drive, no matter what I
> did.
> So, I finally got the idea to try making a Lilo bootdisk and see what
> happens, and voila! The IDE CDRW drive is alive as a CDRW ("cdrecord
> -scanbus" finally found the drive)!
> I mention this as it may be a problem for others who might not think
> about the differences between a syslinux bootdisk and other bootdisks. I
> personally thought that the changes made to Lilo were also reflected in
> the syslinux bootdisk, but apparently not. The Slackware install
> recommends the syslinux bootdisk, but doesn't mention that things like
> ide-scsi might not work.

I had a hard time with that too, I also tryed enabling ide-scsi emulation
in '/etc/rc.d/rc.modules', no go. I also tryed 'hdc=ide-scsi' as a
parameter with my boot disk, no go. I couldn't get it to work Until i
installed LILO.

Great info!

stratus at ccsi.com

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