[Techtalk] sharing files - ssh and ftp

kim dang kim_dang1 at yahoo.com
Sat May 3 09:38:41 EST 2003

> How about using sftp with Linux-clients and ftp with
> $?
> But only through secure tunnel. (SSH) -Sharing file
> system is always a
> risk.

I am not familiar with tunneling. Can you please offer
a web link or reference so i can get more info on this
 I had thought the ssh was more secure than ftp and
thought i could set up sshd server and then have
clients use some SCP client (both in windows and in
linux) to download files. the problem i am
experiencing though is that i need to limit them from
wandering around. Even though i have permissions set
up so they probably can't get into anything else, with
SCP they can still SEE all the directories.
I want them to only see their personal home drives and
the /pub share.


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