[Techtalk] sharing files - ssh and ftp

Maria Pinjanainen mpinjana at abo.fi
Fri May 2 23:13:56 EST 2003

On Fri, 2 May 2003, kim dang wrote:

> Well, i'm a newbie to this so can you please expand on
> the Samba and NFS idea. I am a little familiar with
> both but mostly SAMBA. I have Samba set up right now
> for my private Lan and only allow people on my 192.
> net behind the firewall to access it.
> Some of these users/friends that will access my linux
> server are not in the same state as me, i.e. more than
> 3000miles. so I was just thinking that SAMBA would be
> slow and I read that NFS was super slow protocol so
> should only be used on local lan. Therefore, I thought
> I should set up an SSH server or an FTP server.

How about using sftp with Linux-clients and ftp with µ$?
But only through secure tunnel. (SSH) -Sharing file system is always a

> Also, I have the SSH server running already , and if i
> could just get it so users can only access their home
> and the /pub directory, that would take care of it all
> i think.
> Best, kim
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