[Techtalk] External 56k modem

Karen Locke karenl at scrserv.com
Sun Jun 29 19:48:05 EST 2003

On Sunday 29 June 2003 17:51, Staci wrote:
> Hi!
> I recently decided (due to budgetary constraints) to get rid of my
> cable-modem til fall and go back to dial-up for a while.
> I got the serial modem, I've got the kernel-drivers built-in, it dials, it
> answers, it handshakes...and chokes. 45 seconds or so after it goes quiet,
> it just disconnects.
> But I know I have the authentication protocol right, and my friend said he
> had the modem working before so it shouldn't be the hardware, and I even
> had someone else double-check and make sure I had the drivers.
> Using KPPP it just resets and tries to redial, using WvDial it "times out"
> and then can't seem to get a dial-tone to try again.  I did try setting the
> kppp timeout to some huge ungodly number of minutes, but it didn't help.

Try KPPP again, but turn on the Show Log Window, and tell us what messages you 

I've set my father's machine up with a 56K external modem, and KPPP seems to 
work most of the time; occasionally it complains that a daemon died without 
warning, and disconnects.   His phone line can get bursts of noise, so I 
suspect the problem is related to that. 


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