[Techtalk] External 56k modem

Staci scorcora at wisc.edu
Sun Jun 29 19:51:12 EST 2003


I recently decided (due to budgetary constraints) to get rid of my cable-modem til fall and go back to dial-up
for a while.

I got the serial modem, I've got the kernel-drivers built-in, it dials, it answers, it handshakes...and chokes.
45 seconds or so after it goes quiet, it just disconnects.
But I know I have the authentication protocol right, and my friend said he had the modem working before so it
shouldn't be the hardware, and I even had someone else double-check and make sure I had the drivers.

Using KPPP it just resets and tries to redial, using WvDial it "times out" and then can't seem to get a
dial-tone to try again.  I did try setting the kppp timeout to some huge ungodly number of minutes, but it
didn't help.

Does anyone have any ideas what to try next?
I can get another modem but it'll be a hassle and I'd much rather make this one work. :/


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