[Techtalk] RH9 upgrade problem

Conni ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Mon Jun 23 11:20:02 EST 2003

On Jun 23, Eeva J=E4rvinen conjectured:

> On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 09:51:39AM -0700, Conni wrote:
> > > md5sum the cds; compare results with md5sums on RH's site.
> >=20
> > How do I do that?
> >=20
> Oops.  Error on my part.  You have to md5sum the .iso files used to
> make the cds.  `md5sum whatever.iso' should give a longish code of
> numbers and letters; the code should equal that on RH's site.  But if
> your cds passed the linux mediacheck (it should say roughly "It is safe t=
> install from this cd"), the cds do pass md5summing.

It might have said that ... I typed 'linux mediacheck' <enter> and it went
into the boot process rather quickly.

> Have you tried to `noprobe' boot option?  It won't probe for hardware
> at all, so it might need a lot of coaching on your part to get
> everything working right...

I haven't, and it scares me.  I've had trouble enough getting some of the
hardware happy, and I don't know enough about the actual components of the
computer to tell it what's up.  (Aside from the IDE internal drive and
eepro-something ethernet card.  And the pemtium 3 mobile chipset, because
that's what it says on the sticker.)

(There is apparently a hardware-related toggle for LCD/VGA, as well as a
sort of mousewheel, neither of which I've gotten functional, despite Dave
and Akkana's amazing aid.  I also can't get suspend to work, because the
hardware doesn't support apm, only acpi.  Then there's the internal
wireless ethernet card.)

> Laptops can be really bothersome to get to work.  I spent a day

I've noticed.  :P

> from bios to 'PCIC'; whatever that means.  Do play with the bios
> settings concerning pcmcia; that might help.  (And don't forget to
> write down the settings BEFORE you change anything)

I wonder which button I push at boot to get the BIOS options.  I don't
think it's f1; I've tried that.  It flashes past too quickly to see what
it says, and doing a glissando up my F keys is too slow (and doesn't help
me figure out which one works.)

What makes this more annoying is the fact that I got RH7.2 onto this
computer (with minimal issues) using the same exact stupid disappearing
CD-ROM.  Except it didn't disappear then.



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