[Techtalk] XP with Linux

Gretchen gretchen_t at myrealbox.com
Mon Jun 16 00:10:29 EST 2003

> I tried getting in through knoppix, but it said it was unable to write to 
> the drive to install grub.  Any suggestions?  I'd like to be able to get 
> back in to linux.

I'm not sure if this will work, it's just a thought.  In Knoppix it lists 
the hard drives on the desktop when you start up.  When you click on one it 
mounts it, after that on the right click menu there is an option to change 
it to read write.  After you do that you could open the root shell and do 
what you need to do.

Also, Linux picks up my thumbdrive on /dev/sda  I've always had it plugged 
in when installing though.


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