[Techtalk] System engineering diagram software (fwd)

Becky Norum bnorum at coe.neu.edu
Wed Jun 11 13:15:39 EST 2003


I'd add my voice to those recommending dia as a starting point.  You'll
probably need to complement that with xfig.

That said, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that nothing on Linux
comes close to Visio.  For truely professional diagrams, I've either had
to go to the labs on campus to use Visio or spend many hours laboriously
playing with xfig or dia.

Now, I'd love to be able to take that back if someone else can show some
diagrams they've been able to generate and convert to postscript easily
using dia or xfig.  Mine generally look messy...



On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 11:40, Jennifer Davis wrote:
> Hi:
> 	I am doing a course on Data Systems & Design this semester and I
> am working on a major assignment involving a case.  There are a gazillion
> diagrams I have to install including DFDs and ERDs and other three leter
> acronyms (TLAs?).
> 	My question is: Are there any free or OSS packages out there that
> I could use for this project.  Purchasing VISIO is out of the question due
> to cost and well, I'm not sure Crossover Office can handle it.
> Jennifer S. Davis
> Computer Programming, 1st year
> Algonquin College
> davi0302 at algonquinc.on.ca
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