[Techtalk] System engineering diagram software (fwd)

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Wed Jun 11 08:39:44 EST 2003

The first one that comes to mind is Dia.  It's a good bit of the way toward
being a nice replacement for Visio in the real...err, I mean Linux...world.


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> Hi:
> I am doing a course on Data Systems & Design this semester and I
> am working on a major assignment involving a case.  There are a gazillion
> diagrams I have to install including DFDs and ERDs and other three leter
> acronyms (TLAs?).
> My question is: Are there any free or OSS packages out there that
> I could use for this project.  Purchasing VISIO is out of the question due
> to cost and well, I'm not sure Crossover Office can handle it.
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