[Techtalk] postgres, ODBC, connections

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sat Feb 22 22:52:40 EST 2003

At 22:23 on Feb 22, Michelle Murrain combined all the right letters to say:

> Can you give a bit more detail? I have recently set up a fairly 
> complex (with a fair number of records) database application with 
> Crystal Reports on the front end and Postgresql on the back end, and 
> have not seen this problem.
> How many tables are you trying to get data from? how many records? 
> What are the specs of the client machine?

The select statement Left Joins 80 tables, primarily pulling in a single
integer field.  The resulting row count will run approximately 500k.

The client has a gig of ram, running Win2K pro on a dual-processor box.
The error that appears on the client is an ADO error with a message
regarding being out of Tuple memory.  The system memory is at about 50%
when the crash occurs.

> Could be a combination of factors - but could also be a bug the 
> postgresODBC folks need to know about.
> Also - do you know whether other factors which might crash the client 
> have the same effect?

We'll be running some non-odbc tests to see if the query runs
successfully. We'll also be playing with some of the ODBC driver
parameters - we're using defaults at the moment.

HTH. I appreciate your help.


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