[Techtalk] Possible firewall problem?

Lisa Leckey lisatg71 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 23 14:54:31 EST 2003

This is sortof a linux problem, sortof not. Maybe
someone out there can tell me where to look for the

I run Smoothwall (a firewall based around Linux - I'm
running GPL 2.0 beta 4) as my main machine through a
56k link.  Behind it I have two machines (one running
Win XP, the other running Win ME), on a private

It works well for the most part, however, when I try
to connect to MUSHs/MUDs or other similar telnet based
servers, things get strange.

Some I connect to without worries.

Others I connect to (it appears the TCP link is up)
but I get no text back, /or/ I get just one line back.
 SOmetimes one  I could connect to I now can't, or
vice versa.

I have done TCP dumps on both the ppp (to the ISP
side) and the eth interfaces and there appear to be no
packets lost to the firewall.

One thing to note is that the ISP is having problems
and I have 33%+ packet loss, and an average of 2-4
second ping time.

I don't believe this is a firewall issue, but I'm not
really certain.

Does anyone have any ideas of tests I can do, or
whatever to try to diagnose/fix this problem?



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